Ship repair

The Suez Maritime Shipyard is distinguished by the long-standing skills and experience in carrying out urgent and periodic repairs to marine units up to a tonnage of 55 thousand tons according to the requirements of international supervisory bodies Where the work is carried out under the supervision of the Quality Assurance Department

Impact And paint

Change Pipes

Carpentry and electricity works

Welding And change Hull iron Unit

Propeller and tambourine works

Zinc works, chains and hooks

The timeline of some of the company's

achievements in the maintenance and repair of marine units

  • Maintenance of the Adamarin rig 2
  • The rig Admarin 3
  • The Adamarin rig 5 On the floating dock
  • Unit repair Primavera 2 Payload of 25,982 tons


Repair barge 

PMS 17 The length is 96 meters Width of 29 meters


Unit repair Alex 3 The length is 248 meters DWT 61,372 tons


Unit repair Athens 2 The length is 243.2 meters GT 53 829 tons

Unit repair Pacific Bravery 1 The length is 229 meters GT 38,962 tons

Types of marine units

that are being maintained

Sea ferries



Yachts and fiberglass units

Launches and galleries

Cargo ships

Liquefied gas carriers

Oil rigs