Manufacture of metal structures

The Suez Shipyard Company Builds all kinds of metal structures.

Impact and paint

Iron formation

soldering iron

The timeline of some of the company's

achievements in external operations during 2019 and 2020


Changing the roof sheet of the covered hall 1 and 2 in Ismailia


Implementing a public water network of 356 feddans, south of Port Said, 

a second phase


Maintenance of sewage networks in the Authority areas in Ismailia


Establishing a new route and manholes for telephone and fiber optic networks in Suez


Maintenance of sewage treatment plant in Al-Dars basin


The process of constructing an iron truss attached to the water utility in Ismailia

Types of External Operations

That Are Performed

Security and guarding

Construction and maintenance Power lines

Pouring of docks

Create the camelids

Construction and maintenance Telephone lines

Civil works

Construction and maintenance of lines And sewage stations

Construction and maintenance of lines And water stations


Locom Cleanliness And Transportation