Our History

Suez shipyard is one of the largest and oldest shipyards not only in the Mediterranean and red sea region but also in the Arab gulf and in the world. Suez shipyard is located in the southern entrance of Suez canal, in the north of Suez gulf this strategic location gives the Suez shipyard great importance in ship repair field.

Suez shipyard has been established since more than 152 years ago. The history of Suez shipyard back to the Khedive said (1854 – 1863 ), who began to build the dry dock or graven dock when an agreement has been signed between the governor of Egypt ” prince saied” and French company to construct a graven dock for ship repair and  shipbuilding with principal dimension 140 m length and 25m width . which was created in October 1866 to serve the ships of the Egyption fleet and ships company AZIZIA of cleanliness and reconstruction and reform, Where he was the nearest dock in Bombay, India, so it is known as the Khedivial shipyard.

The opening of the dry dock

was in the reign of Khedive Ismail (1863 – 1879).

On 1963

becomes on of an affiliated company of Suez canal Authority.

Since 1974

the company has more branches within the development and expansion plan where there is Mostorod branch for steel constructions and Ismailia a branch for external operations in addition to Hod El-Ders Branch for maintenance of small units.
Suez shipyard is one of the largest and oldest shipyards not only in the Mediterranean and red sea region but also in the Arab gulf and in the world.

Mission and Vission

Suez shipyard is keen on the continuous development of its services and in order that strives for continuous training for employees on the newest styles to raise the technical competence in addition to developing and updating equipment and selecting the best suppliers to meet their obligation is also keen to provide a safe working environment in order to achieve continuous development of performance quality product in order to meet the customer’s needs and expectations in order to satisfy our customers.

Suez shipyard will be a model for leadership in promoting of entrepreneurship in the field of ship repair and shipbuilding to support the economic growth of Arab republic of Egypt.

  • Continue in the competition as one of the most importance shipyard in the middle east.
  • Maximizing profitability for the benefit of the national economy. 
  • Raise efficiency through continuous development and update of humane and material resource of the company.
  • Expansion in the activities and the opining of new markets in the field of ship repair.

Prominent Achievements

Suez shipyard fabricated

the Steel Floating Bridge ( El-Nasser) with a length of 70 meters and a payload of 380 tons which connecting with the east and west of Suez Canal , in addition to Suez Shipyard established a ferryboat of Suez Canal Authority.

Raising two dredgers

ZOSER & ADMARIN 1 at the same time on the floating dock, maintenance operations was carried out with the highest quality.


the construction of New Suez Canal , where it was manufactured and supply 80 floats, in addition to manufactured the pipes for dredgers , Suez Shipyard has built 6 New Buoys for New Suez Canal.

Suez shipyard

carried out all repairs for NAMMA company vessels where it has been changed more than 400 tons of vessel MAWADDA.

For the first time

lifted the Chinese DREDGER " 215 GIN HUANG JUN " which contributed to the construction of New Suez Canal.

Suez Shipyard contributed

Suez shipyard contributed to the establishment of the largest shipyard on the Nile south of Luxor.

Suez Shipyard contributed

to the development of the Gulf region and North and South Sinai, by depending on its Structural possibilities where it founded four of the largest sulfuric Acid tanks in Ain Sukhna in addition to water systems to the city of Rafah and Sheikh Zuwaid and Pumping stations in eastern Port said.



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